What Makes ISO 9001 So Important?

What Makes ISO 9001 So Important?

The objective of ISO 9001 is on meeting client requirements and is based around creating a Quality Management System (QMS). Broadly speaking, it consists of your organisation’s structure together with the planning, processes, resources and documentation that you use to achieve your quality objectives, meets your customers’ requirements and to continually improve the processes of your organization.

ISO 9001 is highly concerned with quality business organizations and hence a certification to it is what every business covets. The certification ensures that a business gets preferred standing and this gives a boost to the company’s image simply with this certification.

If a business firm is certified with ISO 9001, it automatically gets into mainstream business. It is a part of being competitive in business giving the company a better ground on the business front. If you need more information about ISO 9001 certification, do not hesitate to contact our experts at +603 3342 3259 or drop us an email at info@dqs.com.my and we will propose our services for you to achieve this goal.

Honeywell’s UOP has been a leading international supplier and licensor for the petroleum refining, gas processing, petro-chemical production and major manufacturing industries. One of their manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia was recently certified by DQS according to ISO 9001. We take this opportunity to congratulate them on their remarkable achievement and wish them every success on implementing this prestigious business management system.

iso9001-importantA group photo session together with staff of UOP (A Honeywell Company)