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Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), the “First in Malaysia” being awarded the IQNet SR10:2015 and Green University GC-Mark Certificate

Global social problems increase spontaneously. We have had a huge impact on our natural life in terms of environment and ecology, ethics, the rule of law, human rights, respect, responsibility and transparency. Promote of social responsibility and awareness was widely introduced by nation or international with guidance such as ISO 26000 and certification …

Go Green, Go GC-Mark

Go Green, Go GC-Mark and this is the colour of future, colour we would like to give it to our next generation. Congratulation to Yat Ngai Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. for being the 1st client certified to GC-Mark in Malaysia for their environmental friendly invention – the Hybrid Solar Water Heater. Green is always the symbolic colour that is used to represent …