Each year, goods valued between eight to ten billion Euros disappear during transportation in Europe alone. The verb “disappear” covers criminal acts such as abduction, burglary and theft.

The Transported Asset Protection Association* (TAPA) was formed for the purpose of reducing such losses along the supply chain using globally recognized security standards for cargo companies and transport security. Both standards are based on a systematic and risk-based approach using a holistic view of the entire supply chain.

TAPA TSR Trucking Security Requirements The requirements of TAPA TSR are concerned with transport itself, i.e. the truck and related equipment (motor vehicles and trailers), processes and their control within the organization as well as a special communications infrastructure.

TAPA FSR – Facility Security Requirements TAPA FSR contains requirements for safe and secure storage and warehousing of items of property. This standard is needed in case of risk and/or when required by a customer or logistics service provider.


  • Improved protection of high value goods
  • Systematic reduction of liability risks and security threats
  • Strong competitive edge and reputation boost from greater transparency
  • Potential for synergies with standards such as ISO 9001, GDP
  • Worldwide recognition for commitment to excellence, sustainability and reliability

More details and product sheets can also be found on the DQS Holding Website, both for TSR and for FSR

DQS is authorized by TAPA to carry out audits and certifications according to both standards as well as the new PSR in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). In the coming months, we will strive to expand our presence worldwide. Take advantage of the considerable practical and sector experience of our auditors and improve the security of your organization.

*TAPA consists of approximately 600 international manufacturers, logistics service providers and law enforcement organizations

To contact one of our international offices for TAPA or any other audit and certification needs, please see their contact data on this website.

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