SDM Precision Casting Sdn. Bhd. awarded ISO9001:2008

SDM Precision Casting Sdn. Bhd. awarded ISO9001:2008

Having a market that is getting more and more competitive each day is forcing many companies to distinguish themselves from competitors. Many are trying to find solution to make a break-through.

As the implementation of the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System drives the organization to achieve planned results, full commitment from the top and all level of employees are required as the management system focuses on customer satisfaction and continual improvement. Customer satisfaction is known as a key differentiator and has become a key element of business strategy.

SDM Precision Casting Sdn. Bhd. has implemented and maintained a Quality Management System according to ISO9001:2008 requirements. They are now certified for the scope Manufacture Die Cast Components. Each process that is established within their Quality Management System have been monitored and controlled at every stage to ensure it meets the intended planned result. Being certified for the ISO9001:2008 is only the beginning of the journey towards business excellence and more effort and improvements are needed.

DQS Malaysia would like to congratulate SDM Precision Casting Sdn. Bhd. for achieving the ISO9001:2008 certification. We are proud to say that we are SDM Precision Casting Sdn. Bhd. certification partner which we believe we serves as the platform to assist them to achieve their targeted results.

sdmprecisionMr. Chai Haw Voon, CEO of SDM Precision Casting Sdn. Bhd. and the management staffs are receiving the ISO9001:2008 certificate from Mr. Danny Ng of DQS Malaysia