Renewable Energy Directive Certification

Renewable Energy Directive Certification

The Renewables Energy Directive (RED) is a European Union directive which mandates levels of renewable energy use within the European Union. The directive requires EU member states to produce a pre-agreed proportion of energy consumption from renewable sources such that the EU as a whole obtains at least 20% of total energy consumption from renewables by 2020.

The directive sets out sustainability criteria for biofuels in its articles related to greenhouse gas savings, land with high biodiversity value, land with high carbon stock and agro-environmental practices. The criteria applies since December 2010, and the European Commission (EC) has adopted a number of Decisions and Communications to assist the implementation of the EU’s sustainability criteria.

To demonstrate compliance of RED requirement within it supply chain, ISCC is a certification system allowing the differentiation of sustainable products from non-sustainable ones including the greenhouse gas emissions at the different stages of the value chain. ISCC certification system was the first system that meets RED Directive requirement and was first system recognized by EC. DQS being one of the recognize Certifier can offer local resources to assess you to challenge this prestigious certification. Call us today at +603 3342 3259 for any assistance that you may needs, we are most happy to attend to your enquiry.

renewableMr. Danny Ng (R) Regional MD of DQS hand over ISCC EU certificate to Mr. Harold William (L) Principal Director of PT Socfin.