Quality in logistics – trained by TAPA, certified by DQS

Quality in logistics – trained by TAPA, certified by DQS

Transportation, warehousing and distribution – safe and certified.

Reliable drivers, controlled temperatures, and the safety of transports and IT systems are some of the major concerns among logistics service providers these days. In the age of “one-click” purchases, markets have become more transparent, while supplier relationships have grown more distant. To offset this lack of personal control, the industry has developed several standards and quality seals to demonstrate quality, reliability and trustworthiness.

Recently, DQS Group partnered with TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) to qualify auditors and experts from many countries and several organizations for both TAPA FSR (Facility Security Requirements) and TAPA TSR (Trucking Security Requirements). Following an earlier training in Germany in March this year, it was now DQS Hellas’ turn to host two training sessions for another 25 future TAPA authorized auditors from a number of organizations in the logistics and security industry. Special thanks go to DQS Hellas and the two TAPA trainers Dr. Panayiotis Laimos and Ms. Chrysanthi Laimou for their excellent training, and congratulations to all participants!

DQS is part of the limited number of certified bodies permitted to pursue audits and certification according to the TAPA standards in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). Since the beginning of this training project, DQS has successfully tripled the number of qualified TAPA auditors on the official TAPA website. With this and many other new qualifications, DQS continues to expand our competence in the logistics sector.

From TAPA to GDP, from ISO 28000 to IFS Logistics and beyond to custom-tailored GC assessments, DQS Group offers a variety of services for organizations with their own logistics departments, forwarders and warehouses. Read more about our services here or contact one of our offices near you.

Source: DQS Holding website (https://www.dqs-holding.com/en/media/news/quality-in-logistics-trained-by-tapa-certified-by-dqs/). For more information, please send email to info@dqs.com.my.