Quality Culture in China and Germany: the Sino-German Quality Forum

Quality Culture in China and Germany: the Sino-German Quality Forum

DQS shareholder DGQ, the German Association for Quality, and the Shanghai Association for Quality (SAQ) set out to address some burning questions, such as: what unites Germany and China in our Quality Culture, and what separates us? How does cultivating quality influence an organization’s management and products, and what contribution does the quality culture make to competitiveness?

China has been Germany’s single largest foreign trade partner since 2016, with a bi-lateral volume of EUR 200 Billion*. In view of globalized supply and value chains, there is much common interest in producing products and services of similar quality and standards.

In their opening words, DGQ President Dr. Udo Hansen and SAQ Vice-President Huang Qingfeng, welcomed the speakers and participants from German and Chinese businesses and administration to a day of interesting lectures and practical examples that shed light on what the players in both economies can learn from each other.

Quality matters – and it’s everyone’s responsibility

Among the many diverse and interesting speakers of this tri-lingual conference, Huang Guoliang, the General Director of the Quality Development Bureau of State Administration for Market Regulation of the PRC stands out with an unusual look back at how our Quality Culture has its roots in our history. Examples from Ancient China illustrate China’s continuous efforts aimed at measuring and standardizing. The “Book of diverse Crafts” from the Spring and Autumn Period (771-476 BCE) defined rules for construction, while the “Daming Law” stipulated “measures” in the form of punishments for poor quality. And in the time of Emperor Qin ShiHuang (259-210 BCE), Chinese units of measurements, the currency, and the length of axles were standardized.

Christoph Winterhalter, Chairman of the Executive Board at the German Association for Standardization (DIN), carried this thought into the future. His presentation on so-called SMART standards showed how digitalization changes the quality infrastructure, and what important role standardization plays for artificial intelligence and machine ethics.

At our booth, the Director International Business Development at DQS Holding, Dr. Dieter Stadler, along with his team members Ms. Rayanna Li and Mr. Tim Osterode, offered interested visitors marketing brochures about our services in China and worldwide After a day filled with information, participants agreed that they had been given a nuanced picture of the situation and were able to make interesting contacts.

From left: Mr. Huang Guoliang, Mr. Hansen (center), Mr. Winterhalter.

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