When the Beyond Meat Burger was launched in Germany, the product was sold out within minutes. This is yet another indication that consumers are increasingly ready to consider plant-based alternatives. The shift in consumer purchasing behaviour is a challenge for companies in terms of standardization, as plant-based products are relatively novel. A new BRCGS Standard shall help companies meet the consumer demands while also protecting brand reputation and mitigating risk. In the following, we will provide all the important information regarding the Plant-Based Certification Program (PBCP).

Certainty for industry and consumers alike – this is what the first issue of the Plant-Based Certification Program (PBCP) promises. A draft version is currently under consultation. The PBCP Global Standard is based on a comprehensive management system approach and provides a framework for manufacturers to assist them in the production of plant-based food. It also includes operational criteria to ensure that plants-based products are free of any materials of animal origin.

The benefits

The long-term aim of the PBCP Global Standard is to promote a systems approach to prevent failures that could harm brand reputation. Correctly applied, a site’s management system will provide a very strong level of protection from failure, and if failure does occur, it will enable the rapid identification and management of risks and deviations. The PBCP certification is an advantage for the reputation as it allows brands and products to differentiate themselves.

The PBCP Global Standard label, which can be printed onto the product packaging will empower consumers to make informed choices quickly and easily.


The draft standard is currently under revision. You can download the draft version here.

Further information

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