MSPO Certification

MSPO Certification

Palmhead has been transforming from one of the best managed oil palm entities in the region towards MSPO sustainably managed oil palm Company.

From the left – Mr. Soong KV (DQS CFS General Manager), Mr. William Yii Hee Poh (Palmhead Group General and
Madam Siao Hie King (Palmhead MSPO Group Admin Manager).

Palmhead Group’s Vision of being among the best managed oil palm companies in the region has been constituted and spread to relevant stakeholders. In view of today’s oil palm industry development and interested parties’ expectation, it’ll never be the best if it is not sustainably managed. Top management of Palmhead Group demonstrated their commitment towards the best – to be MSPO certified! Its palm oil mill – PSS Oil Mill Sdn. Bhd. has obtained the MSPO MS2530-4 certificate by DQS in August 2017.

Being successful in gaining MSPO certificate for PSS Oil Mill Sdn. Bhd., Palmhead Group not only wants to convey their commitment to the market but also shows their clients that their management system has complied with the MSPO Principles. These MSPO Principles are:

  1. Management commitment and responsibility.
  2. Transparency
  3. Compliance to legal requirements.
  4. Social responsibility, health, safety and employment conditions.
  5. Environment, natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  6. Best practices

Yet, this is not the end of sustainable certification from Palmhead Group. There’ll be more entities within Group are in the timeline to be MSPO certified before the made mandatory deadlines set by the government.

For oil palm plantation entities that have already had the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certificates, deadline to be certified MSPO standard by 31 Dec 2018.

For oil palm entities without RSPO certification, deadline to be certified MSPO standard shall be 30 June 2019.

The last deadline is for independent and organized smallholders who need to be fully certified under MSPO  certification by 31 Dec 2019.

In accompany with the development of Malaysian Palm Oil Industry, DQS CFS and their clients are paving together to enhance the knowledge of palm oil production in sustainable way. For more information about MSPO certification, please feel free to contact us at