As of December 2018, DQS CFS is officially authorized to lead third-party audits for McDonald’s suppliers to verify their compliance with the requirements of McDonald’s Supplier Quality Management System (SQMS).

Following an intensive review of our audit capability, McDonald’s has approved DQS CFS as a globally recognized third-party auditing firm. With a network of offices and auditors across the globe, DQS is able to audit McDonald’s suppliers to the SQMS requirements across all continents.

Dr. Thijs Willaert, Marketing Director at DQS CFS says: “We are excited to be conducting SQMS audits on behalf of McDonald’s. This shows once again that multinational companies recognize DQS as a professional, trustworthy, high-quality service provider and are willing to trust us with such a vital aspect of their quality assurance.”

McDonald’s is the leader in the fast food industry in Germany and one of the most famous brands worldwide –  a status for which food safety is a crucial factor. To ensure food safety, quality, and sustainability, McDonald’s attaches great importance to every decision regarding the food source. Currently McDonald’s works together with 154 European suppliers to provide for 7.300 restaurants with 250.000 employees – and that is just in Europe. These numbers show that for McDonald’s success it is indispensable to maintain a product quality that accords with McDonald’s requirements and with applicable laws and regulations, without exceptions.

SQMS Audit – Here’s how it works

The Supplier Quality Management System specifies what McDonald’s expects from its suppliers. Suppliers can either go for an SQMS addendum to a GFSI-benchmarked certification, like IFS, BRC and FSSC 22000, or have a full SQMS audit.

With the SQMS audits, McDonald’s ensures that food manufacturers produce in accordance with the requirements of a functional quality management system. The checklist also helps to support best practices and minimizes regional variations, as it is valid worldwide. Suppliers must annually verify their SQMS compliance. In collaboration with its
suppliers, McDonald’s works continuously to improve the auditing practices to improve customer satisfaction.

Independent Audits

Third party audits help to improve the confidence in the SQMS and provide a neutral, independent insight into supplier’s practices. As one of the leading certification bodies for management systems, quality and sustainability standards, DQS CFS is now a partner for McDonald’s SQMS audits.

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