Management system, your opportunity during economy crisis

Management system, your opportunity during economy crisis

With the financial and economic crisis tightening its grip around the world, many researchers, organizations and institutions are being galvanized into action. The current crisis is indubitably financial in origin and would have happened sooner or later, just a matter of time.

Lately in DQS we have had to realize that the global economic crisis has not completely spared our customers. In meetings or when talking to customers on the phone, we have seen that in many organizations, it has already become bitter reality. More and more often people want to talk to us about things that are well beyond any review of conformity. For example: “I know that my question is not related to ISO 9001, but we have this project that is not going well. Do you maybe have an idea ….?”.

This kind of conversation shows us just how deeply the current crisis has already affected the structures of organizations, when processes are stagnating and projects are about to fail. And quite frequently people are truly astonished when we show them just how much more the DQS can offer – far above and beyond the usual assessment services for quality and environmental management systems, automotive standards or hygiene management, to name just a few.

Nevertheless we also see more and more companies now venture into new businesses ie aerospace, automotive, medical, food and etc, but for them going into this new business, an industry specify standard they shall comply before being offer to quote!

It is especially in difficult times like these that competence for us also means responsibility; that reliable partnership also means offering support. It means that:

  1. We can support projects
  2. We can monitor process effectiveness and process efficiency
  3. We can review your risk management
  4. We can foster Business Continuity Management.
  5. We can assess financial and economic risk

We have seen many happy customers now venture into new businesses, success and satisfy. If you need to find out more, how DQS can assist your business, do not hesitate email us at

managementManaging Director of DQS Malaysia Danny Ng (L) hand over the ISO/TS16949:2002 Letter Of Conformance to Texchem Pack representative Mr. EC Khok (R) during DQS Malaysia customer day