ISO Completes the DIS – “Draft International Standard” for 14001:2015

ISO Completes the DIS – “Draft International Standard” for 14001:2015

The revision of ISO 14001 is going to an important next step. Following an analysis of the comments on the previous draft (CD – “Committee Draft”), the working group has now completed during a meeting in Panama the preparation of the “Draft International Standard” (DIS) version of the revised ISO 14001. This means that we probably can expect the publication of the revised standard as planned in mid-2015.

During the recent committee meetings all comments from the previous consultation could be addressed to get consensus on the content of the DIS. National standardization organizations will now translate the DIS and initiate a comprehensive consultation exercise, starting in September for three months. The results of the consultation will be reviewed by the responsible ISO working group in February 2015.

The experience from past revisions shows that it is not likely the working group will make significant changes to the content, and so we can expect that ISO’s members will approve the final draft (FDIS) and allow the publication of ISO 14001:2015 at the expected date.

Another important information is that IAF – The International Accreditation Forum agreed with the recommended three-year transition period for organizations certified to ISO 14001:2004.

Compared to the previous CD – Committee Draft, the DIS brings some important changes. The main topics include:

  • New requirements on the context of the organization
  • Addressing the broader principles of sustainability
  • Integration of the EMS with business processes
  • New focus on the value chain
  • The new risk approach

DQS UL will inform its clients soon about the changes and their impacts