ISO 50001 Is Now Available

ISO 50001 Is Now Available

DQS-UL in Dialog (DiD) No. 64


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the new international standard for energy management systems ISO 50001 the middle of June. Overall objective of the new standard, entitled “Energy Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use“ is to support organizations in their efforts to implement systems and processes for the improvement of their energy performance – just like EN 16001 does. The systematic approach is designed to allow organizations to achieve a continuous improvement of their energy-related performance, their energy efficiency,and energy savings.

The norm has been under development by ISO since 2008. Under the auspices of the US institute of standardization ANSI and their Brazilian counterpart ABNT, experts from 44 countries participated in the development of ISO 50001. Among them is Jerry Skaggs, in charge of the areas environment, health, safety and energy at UL DQS Inc. in the USA. By virtue of the close cooperation of the development committee with the European member states, with much impetus provided by the experts of the German mirror council “Energy efficiency and energy management”, many of the contents of EN 16001 were included in the new standard.

Consistent energy management can aid organizations of any size, type, or business sector, to develop any up to now unused potential for energy efficiency, and to implement concrete measures. Next to demonstrable cost savings, this mainly results in a permanent reduction of CO2 emissions. With the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions one of the single most important objectives of climate politics worldwide, many governments worldwide have already started to implement tax benefits or subsidy programs. Energy management systems can provide a large impetus towards achieving these goals.

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