ISO 20252:2012 – International Standard for Market Research

ISO 20252:2012 – International Standard for Market Research

Many entrepreneurs neglect market research in launching their products. They skip this crucial step for mainly reasons that cost might be expensive, they fear that feedbacks that they perceive from consumers might be negative or they think their products are perfect as they are. However, it is necessary for business owners to conduct a market research in order to capture hearts and minds of consumers and ascertain their products provide at proper moment.


Our client, Ipsos Sdn. Bhd., is an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused providing research market services with a strong global brand. During data collection periods, Ipsos finds that it is struggled to uncover consumer’s thinking and feelings which lead consumers making decision to choose products. Yet, with unique multi-expertise positioning, served by dedicated brand and teams, Ipsos has continuously convinced their clients trust their services by using cognitive qualitative research method to approach concealed truths that consumers themselves are not able to initiate and unlock. By doing this, Ipsos has succeeded in helping their clients make more effective business decisions.

As same as other world’s largest survey-based research groups, Ipsos Malaysia has successfully recertified ISO 20252:2012 by DQS Malaysa in October 2016. Quality Management System for this standard requires market research organizations to cover five processes of research project.

These sections are:

  • Research process management systems
  • Managing the execute elements of research
  • Data collection
  • Data management and processing
  • Reporting on research projects

During the audit assessment, DQS’s auditor concluded that commitment from the support team of Ipsos has proven consistent implementation in quality management system of ISO 20252:2012. Gaining ISO 20252 Certificate from DQS, Ipsos strongly confirms that their services shall build long term relationships with their clients and helping them in making business decisions.

On the whole, for organizations who conducting market, opinion and social research, it is necessary to apply ISO 20252 to enable their services always transparent and fashion. For more info about this certification scheme, you may contact us at