How can you build a sustainable business?

How can you build a sustainable business?

Build your business around customer satisfaction. This is the “number one rule” in business. We live in a customer-centered market economy. Due to the success of education system, and the rise of internet, the customer has access to so much information that was unavailable to them in the past.

This resulted in the customer has so much power to choose. They can simply walk away from your business. Every company, large and small, must be thinking day and night about how to please customers faster, better, and cheaper than their competitors.

The very best companies are built on this philosophy. They have an obsession with customer service. They are continually looking for ways to please their customers better than any of their competitors. You must have heard this, “The customer is always right”.

To meet customer satisfaction at all the time is not an easy task, but with ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems it will definitely help to execute and achieve.

Yongwang Construction Sdn. Bhd which is involved in construction services for building and civil engineering works, recently underwent an ISO 9001:2000 audit by DQS and were successfully recommended and certified to ISO9001:2000.

The management takes pleasure to be part of an ISO 9001 certified organization by DQS and is committed to provide quality civil engineering services to its customer and to enhance its customer satisfaction through continual improyongwang1A simple certificate presentation ceremony to Yongwang Construction Sdn. Bhd, Mr Bjorn Eliasson the Managing Director (2nd from right), witness by Mr. KC Chan the Executive Direction (left) and Mr. KS Chan the Director (right) with their ISO9001:2000 certificates from DQS, represented by DQS auditor Mr. Lim (2nd from left)

yongwang2Management and staffs of  Yongwang Construction Sdn. Bhd with their  ISO9001:2000 certification