Go Green, Go GC-Mark

Go Green, Go GC-Mark

Go Green, Go GC-Mark and this is the colour of future, colour we would like to give it to our next generation.

Congratulation to Yat Ngai Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. for being the 1st client certified to GC-Mark in Malaysia for their environmental friendly invention – the Hybrid Solar Water Heater.

Green is always the symbolic colour that is used to represent environmental friendly, earth preservation, protection of mother-nature, etc. Green is also proven to be a healthier colour to human being that helps to relieve tension, promote peaceful feeling and improve eyesight. More and more organizations are striving towards ISO 14001, ISO 14046, ISO 50001, MSPO, ISCC, etc. certification which constitute of environmental elements that play a very important factor in these schemes.


It is a crucial time for all of us to protect and prevent this colour from extinction. Yes, we may hear of extinction of rare species, languages, tribes, culture, etc. but never thought of extinction of colour. Yet, if we do not do something, our next generation may not have the privilege to appreciate this Green in natural like we do now.


With efforts from individual, the result may be less aggressive. But if this moving Green campaign is actively promoted to industries which are the main contributors to most environmental issues, the outcome can be very promising. In view of this, DQS GC-Mark is introduced to the industries which translate the industries towards Green commitment into a language that most public understand. Certified to GC-Mark Green Product by DQS is also eligible the organization to participate in MyHijau Mark program. DQS Malaysia is proud to present the GC-Mark Green Product certificate from the range of more than 100 of GC-Mark products, to Yat Ngai Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. for their green product, the Hybrid Solar Water Heater during the DQS Sustainability Dinner held on 11th Apr 2016 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KL. Our warmest congratulation to Yat Ngai for being the 1st in Malaysia to be certified GC-Mark.

GC-Mark Green Product certificate presentation for Yat Ngai Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. for their green product, the Hybrid Solar Water Heater – (Start from left) Dr. Sied Sadek, Dr. Ainie Kuntom, Mr. Wong Hock Yim and Mr. Danny Ng.