The #MeToo movement was yet another reminder that gender-based violence and harassment is widespread – even in the workplace. Structural inequality of opportunities has considerable negative effects, both on invididuals as well as on the global economy. With the help of our e-learning courses, companies and auditors can strengthen their gender competence: for a safer working environment, increased well-being of employees and equal opportunities. Two courses are now available: The Gender Awareness Foundation Training is aimed specifically at businesses. The Gender Awareness & Social Auditing Techniques Training is specifically tailored to auditors. In this article, we provide you with the background on both courses.

Gender-based violence and harassment is a global phenomenon. Official figures from the European Institute for Gender Equality indicate that one in three women in the European Union from the age of 15 experience physical and/or sexual violence at least once in their lives. One in two women experience sexual harassment and one in twenty women is raped.  And it is not only women who are affected by gender-based violence in our society. The adverse effects of gender-based violence and harassment are considerable, whether the violence occurs in the workplace or outside.

This of course raises the question of how to tackle this problem. It is time to break down existing prejudices and develop a profound awareness of the problem. Our Gender Awareness Foundation Training is designed to do just that. It helps companies to approach the issue proactively and prevent personal suffering, economic losses and damage to their reputation.

For auditors we have developed the Gender Awareness & Social Auditing Techniques Training. The e-learning course provides a comprehensive understanding of the issues and techniques that enable auditors to conduct gender-sensitive audits. Based on international standards and conventions, the e-learning courses provide you with comprehensive knowledge based on current research results – carefully designed and interactive.


The Gender Awareness Foundation Training is designed to sensitize participants to the topic of gender and gender-based violence and discrimination. Through sound knowledge, participants are empowered to deconstruct existing assumptions. The training is thus a method that enables companies to raise the awareness of their employees. In this way they can contribute to a safer working environment and make a positive contribution to society.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of attendance. The course is universally applicable, but is aimed particularly at employees in management and HR. The e-learning course is particularly relevant for companies with a higher risk of violence and harassment.

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Almost all social standards include the requirement for a working environment free of discrimination and harassment. However, overwhelming evidence shows that for many workers this is far from reality.

The Gender Awareness & Social Auditing Techniques Training provides auditors with in-depth skills in gender auditing techniques. Participants learn about the social, economic and cultural risk factors and, through detailed information and interactive interview scenarios, learn how to act in a gender-sensitive manner in areas such as wages, working hours and management systems. Upon completion of the course, auditors will be able to integrate a gender perspective into existing audit procedures.

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