Final issue of DQS Compact 2020 – and more!

Final issue of DQS Compact 2020 – and more!

Please welcome the third and final edition of DQS Compact 2020, along with a COMPACT SPECIAL about how the Guiding Principles of the UN Global Compact can help you pave your way to an inclusive and sustained global economy. With the advent of the European Supply Chain Law, compliance with human rights and environmental standards will no longer be optional in one of the world’s largest markets. Are you prepared?

Other items of interest include Information and Data Security, which is why we invite you to read about DQS Belgium’s customer NxtPort and their experience in here, as well as information on how to address vulnerability in that context.

ISO 28000 is of course the security standard for all organizations that are part of a supply chain; starting with production, warehousing, distribution (to include the entire chain of transport by road, rail, sea, or air), all the way through to the recipient. Read here how our customer has improved theirs with a DQS certified management system to this standard.

Last but not least, BRCGS (GS for Global Standard), which now stands for Brand Reputation through Compliance, continues to bring seamless transparency and safety to the food production supply chain. Read more about this and our Belarussian customer’s experience with the Packaging Standard in this issue.

Looking forward to 2021, our marketing team will continue to deliver news on standards and customers to your inbox, via established communication routes and new ones. If you want to continue to read about the latest developments in the world of standards, and what’s new at DQS Group, please visit our social media channels on.


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