The automotive industry places particular value on the confidentiality of information and the security of data. Information shared between OEMs and suppliers needs to stay between them, and not become general knowledge to be used by the competition. Service providers and suppliers must regularly prove to their customers that they meet the high security requirements for data provided.

That is why the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) was created. It is based on the German VDA’s well-established ISA Checklist, which in turn is based on ISO 27001, and augmented with industry-specific subjects such as prototype protection and order processing.

The major advantage: all inspection results will be mutually recognized by all the participants in the TISAX network. No more time and effort wasted on multiple audits, assessments, or inspections.

To undergo a TISAX assessment, participants simply register on the TISAX platform at https://enx.com/tisax to establish what kind of assessment they need. Then, they choose one of the assessment providers listed there, such as DQS BIT. After the assessment by DQS BIT, results can be shared with selected partners within TISAX.

To learn more about the registration and assessment process of TISAX, please click here.


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