DQS Presents: The German Association for Excellence

DQS Presents: The German Association for Excellence

In October 2017, DQS launched its new trademark German Association for Excellence, which will serve as the international umbrella brand for the brand rating, testing and evaluation services of the DQS Group.

With the demand for credible ratings & evaluations on the rise, DQS has decided to harmonize its existing rating portfolio under an internationally appealing brand. The brand name highlights the German roots of DQS, which continues to enjoy an excellent reputation when it comes to quality, both among consumers as well as in the industry.

The following services will be brought together under the banner of the German Association for Excellence:

  • Brand Evaluation
  • Organisational Rating for sustainability and quality
  • Product Rating for sustainability, quality and safety
  • Product Testing

The above article sourcing from DQS CFS website (https://dqs-cfs.com/2017/10/dqs-presents-german-association-excellence/). For more information, please send email to info@dqs.com.my.