DQS performs first certification to ISO 55001 in Brazil

DQS performs first certification to ISO 55001 in Brazil

Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo (BP) is one of the most important private health centers in Latin America, and a pioneer in the health sector in Brazil. In order to obtain this certification, they underwent an intense process of standardization, deployment and integration of the asset management system. This is the first Asset Management certification in the entire DQS group, and BP is only the second institution in the country to accomplish this achievement.

“The system implementation and certification were done in record time for such a system, thanks to the commitment of everyone involved in the process. We are very proud of this achievement and we are honored by the trust of this very important and renowned institution of our country”, states Dezée Mineiro, CEO of DQS Brazil.

ISO 55001 establishes the requirements that ensure the operational excellence of the organizations’ tangible and intangible asset management systems. In practice, this means that service tends to become more agile and efficient as there is a significant reduction in the number of times a device goes into maintenance. As a result, the availability of the equipment increases and interruptions, when necessary, are all programmed, impacting the operation much less.

“This certification crowns a joint effort of the entire institution for an excellent service rendering, guaranteeing the best experience for all the clients who are looking for us. Being the first institution in the health area in Brazil to accomplish this achievement confirms the correctness of our strategy and provides the ideal conditions for making decisions, which will be even more assertive and intelligent, reducing costs with maintenance and equipment purchase, balancing performance, cost and operational risks”, states João Fábio Bianchi Garcia Silva, executive superintendent of BP Operations – Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo.

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