DQS Medical Device Business growing strong abroad

DQS Medical Device Business growing strong abroad

The certification of medical devices has always been a very special niche for DQS Group, surrounded as it is by regulatory requirements and legal obligations as well as accreditation and notification rules. And since its humble beginnings as a “profit center” within DQS GmbH, to the founding of the wholly-owned subsidiary “DQS Medizinprodukte (DQS MED)”, our medical device people never lost sight of growing their business on an international scale.

Of particular interest on the international stage, which for DQS is worldwide, are the EU’s Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD), the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) for the US and Canadian markets, as well as ISO 15378. Working together with the local managing directors in India, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and Taiwan (to name just a few), classroom trainings supplemented by webinars have been designed in order to train local experts in the intricacies of medical device certification on site.

Some offices are already one step ahead in this cooperation and in building their local business. In addition to many years of good cooperation with DQS Malaysia and DQS Romania, local medical device auditors can also be found in our offices in Japan and Australia.

Medically qualified auditors on five continents

By qualifying local auditors, DQS MED is creating a worldwide network of medical auditors. On the one hand, local DQS offices themselves can make use of these auditors to carry out their own audits, and on the other hand, these are also available to DQS MED for their growing need of international auditors, in order to continue to operate successfully as Notified Body in the market.

DQS Group is very proud that the ongoing initiative of our medical device subsidiary has resulted in such a successful development, and look forward to many more satisfied medical customers.

For anybody interested in these or other medical certification services, please find the list of the international offices of DQS Group here.

Article courtesy of DQS MED, www.dqs-med.de

The picture shows, from the left: Lance Brendon DQS Australia, Sigrid Uhlemann DQS MED, Ryukichi Inoue DQS Japan at the International Management Meeting 2018 in Berlin

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