DQS Important Information for the Management – Global Alliance DQS and UL MSS

DQS Important Information for the Management – Global Alliance DQS and UL MSS

DQS and UL MSS become one of the top five registrars of management systems

DQS has just taken a giant step toward a global future: the company is merging with UL MSS, the management systems certification business division of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL). For DQS this is a further step in expanding the company’s worldwide presence – this time to the important US market. DQS and UL MSS complement one another extremely well with regard to both technical expertise in various sectors and geographic presence. Whereas DQS has already established a firm presence in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, UL MSS is strongly represented in the markets of North America and the Asian/Pacific region. The merged company will be among the top five companies in the sector of management systems certification. What’s more, the new company will be the only member of this elite club that focuses entirely on the segment of management systems certification.

The merger brings two “old friends” together: DQS and UL have long enjoyed a trusting relationship. Thanks to a steady, open exchange of information and ideas, the two companies already know each other very well. This special relationship forms the basis for an ambitious goal for 2008. The new company is targeting 15-percent growth this year.

The company will continue to focus on management systems. Our team of nearly 2,000 highly qualified auditors certifies the management systems of customers in 100 countries including globally active companies ranging from midsized firms to major corporations. This is our core business. In the future we will also be able to offer coordinated concepts for management systems and product certification. With UL’s MSS business, DQS has gained a globally renowned product registrar as an experienced business partner.

The merger of UL MSS and DQS will also result in a change in ownership structure of DQS. UL will hold a 27.8-percent stake in DQS. The founding companies DIN and DGQ will also hold equal stakes of 27.8 percent each. The remaining shares will continue to be held by the five industrial associations VCI, VDMA, ZVEI, HDB and Spectaris.

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