DQS Compact: Step by Step to More Information Security

DQS Compact: Step by Step to More Information Security

Information security is a very important subject, but it can be intimidating for some people and organizations. With this issue, we start a new series designed to take the reader on an easy journey, Step by Step to More Information Security. Starting with the relevant chapters of ISO 9001:2015, our experts share with you the details that can be used to facilitate these first steps in your organization.

At the same time, this issue closes our series on the new ISO 45001 with an in-depth look at why and how compliance with legal and other requirements matters. The article takes you through the various steps, from identification and evaluation to fulfillment, from documentation to regular review. The importance of compliance is nicely exemplified by our customer Rudolph Logistics Group’s journey with DQS, which started with VDA 6.2 in 2001 and is still going strong now that they are transitioning to ISO 45001 within their integrated system.

While DQS Group gears up for their 35th anniversary in 2020, we invite you to take a look back at the beginning of our Greek office, DQS Hellas. The year was 1999 and the competition was fierce when they were first established, but they are still going strong today.

Last but not least, the newly revised ISO Survey 2018 now includes a total of 12 standards. Read more about their success stories worldwide in this issue.

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Source: DQS Holding website (https://www.dqs-holding.com/site/assets/files/2502/dqs_compact_iv-2019_final.pdf). For more information, please send an email to info@dqs.com.my.