DQS Compact (Customer Journal No. 80)

DQS Compact (Customer Journal No. 80)

This, the latest issue of the DQS Group’s DQS Compact newsletter, includes a special feature on TAPA and quality management in the logistics sector, as well as an expert article on Energy Management, some very time-critical news on SMETA 6.0 and the success story of our customer Engineering Plastics in South Africa.

If you are worried about valuable cargo disappearing during storage or shipment, the TAPA Security Standards FSR (Facility Security Requirements) and TSR (Trucking Security Requirements) can help you sleep better. In addition, the Qualified Carrier (QC) standard provides freight carriers with an option to prove to their customers that they fulfil the legal, economic and social requirements of their business.

Since certifications according to ISO 50001 will soon be based on ISO 50003, this issue includes an overview of relevant changes as well as a look at the various standards that make up the 50001 family of energy management standards.

Updates on ISO 37001, FSSC 22000 and the upcoming revision of SMETA 6.0 round off this issue, followed by a customer profile that shows how an SME from South Africa overcomes the challenges of today’s climate of limited economic growth in their country by employing ISO 9001:2008 as the guideline for the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle, and to ensure customer value added in the processing, manufacturing and delivery activity.


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