DQS certified Le Bao Minh Joint Stock according to ISO9001:2000

DQS certified Le Bao Minh Joint Stock according to ISO9001:2000

Until recently, most of Vietnam’s economy was based on its agriculture, mainly it’s rice. During the 1990’s, their economy increased on average 8.6 percent a year and in spite of such economic growth, Vietnam’s per capita income hasn’t taken off but has remained at an annual low. Vietnam realizes that it cannot do it on its own, it needs outside backing and investments to further advance in today’s society. Industrialization is extremely important as is training and knowledge of various basic areas in modern society – banking knowledge, technology, and science to name a few.

Today Vietnam is one of high GDP growth country in South East Asia. With many foreign investment, obvious to be stay competitive in the market, many organisation has opt certification as one of pathway to improve effectiveness and efficiency of their product and services.

Le Bao Minh Joint Stock, one of the largest office equipment supplier in Ho Chi Minh for Canon has selected DQS as their certification partner. It was quoted by it Director General Mr. My during the cert ceremony that “…..to be able stay in today unpredicted business climax, an effective management system play a vital role for organisation to continual it business”

lbmMr. Chau Ngoc My (R) proudly received the ISO9001:2000 certificate from Mr. Danny NG (L)

lbm2A photos session with some of the Le Bao Minh staff