DQS certificates put quality under IMPOL’s wings

DQS certificates put quality under IMPOL’s wings

DQS Zagreb d.o.o. is proud to announce the certification of IMPOL Group to EN 9100:2018

IMPOL is a long-standing and successful manufacturer of high quality aluminum alloys for the civil aircraft industry. Its advanced technology allows the co-founder of The Centre of Excellence Space-SI to provide aluminum alloys and parts that are able to sustain extreme vibrations when satellites are launched, followed by thermal stress and radiation in space. And because quality attracts quality, IMPOL decided to put the certification to one of the most demanding industry standards, EN 9100 for the aerospace industry, into the hands of DQS.

Preparations for this multi-company, cross-country certification of one of the biggest Slovenian companies with 2348 employees located across Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia started in 2017 already. The audits were carried out with the support of highly specialized aerospace auditors from Germany and in May 2019, DQS was able to confirm that the the management systems of IMPOL Group members IMPOL d.o.o., IMPOL LLT d.o.o., IMPOL PCP d.o.o., IMPOL- FINAL d.o.o., IMPOL R in R d.o.o., te IMPOL 2000 d.o.o. fulfill the requirements of EN 9100:2018.

The picture shows, from left: Andrej Kolmanič (CEO IMPOL Group), Irena Šela (CFO IMPOL Group), and Darko Hibler (CEO DQS Zagreb) at the presentation of the well earned certificate. Now that IMPOL is registered in the OASIS database of certified aerospace suppliers, the Group hopes for more opportunities for product placement on the demanding aerospace industry market.

IMPOL Group is also becoming an established supplier in the automotive industry and pursuing opportunities in other demanding industries, such as the aerospace industry. These efforts are made on both the investment and the organizational level. Equipment investments amount to approximately 40 million Euros every year. The Group also continuously works on efficient organisation so as to ensure the production of demanding high-quality products.

The certification opens further opportunities on the challenging high-quality products market and the certificate itself strengthens the IMPOL Group brand. The OASIS database will also help increase the Group’s visibility in the aerospace industry and the production restructuring facilitate the achievement of greater added value.


Source: DQS Holding website (https://www.dqs-holding.com/en/media/news/dqs-certificates-put-the-wind-of-quality-under-impols-wings/). For more information, please send email to info@dqs.com.my.