DQS celebrates 15 years of success in México!

DQS celebrates 15 years of success in México!

At an event held recently in Mexico City, DQS de México commemorated 15 years of commitment to the well-being of organizations through management systems certification. Among the participants were leading organizations from key industries, such as: FCA, BASF, Freudenberg, Transtell, Fandeli, Industrias Unidas, Silos y Camiones, as well as many business partners that have enjoyed years of cooperation with DQS de México.

Tania Trujillo Perzabal, technical director of DQS de México, finds the reason behind the success of these years in always adhering to the same approach, that is: “to be the preferred partner of our customers and business partners.” An assertion that all employees of DQS de México honor, and on which they base their work every day.

Tania thanked the auditors, who, on several occasions, put their work ahead of their family in order to provide the best care and preparation before providing service to each customer. Their positive attitude has characterized them and allowed them to help companies evaluate their system.

The administrative staff was also congratulated for their work, those who every day strive to provide consistent service, always with a smile, taking the concerns of customers and partners as if they were their own and providing the best solution in every situation.

During the celebration, Tania Trujillo showed her gratitude to DQS Holding, which is responsible for ensuring the same processes and services worldwide, regardless which of the 82 offices needs their support. Mrs. Trujillo thanked DQS Holding for all the trust and the help during these 15 years, and for the spirit of harmonious partnership throughout.

Finally, but most importantly, Mrs. Trujillo thanked their customers and business partners. She said that without them, DQS de Mexico would be nothing. DQS de México holds itself responsible for providing the best possible service, seeking to continue to be the preferred partner for the certification of management systems. The occasion was also used to grant awards to customers who had been with DQS the longest.

Article and photos by DQS de México S.A. de C.V. Santa Fe.

The above article sourcing from DQS Holding website (https://www.dqs-holding.com/en/news/dqs-celebrates-15-years-of-success-in-mexico/).