As a certification and auditing body, our experienced auditors are our main asset. We are proud to report that Nadia Narine, lead auditor for DQS in North America, has been named BRC Auditor of the Year. The prestigious award was presented by BRC at the Food Safety Americas conference.

To be eligible for this award, an auditor should not only show on-going and dedicated support for the BRC program, but demonstrate audit capability through a significant amount of audits, commitment to self-improvement through independent training, and high scoring results and positive feedback from customer satisfaction survey and witness audits.

Nadia had always dreamed of becoming a family physician. When this no longer was a possibility, she decided to pursue her passion for the sciences, which lead her to studying industrial microbiology. While in school, she completed an internship at Cadbury and had her first full-time job in the dairy industry as a Quality Control Technician. In this position, she performed GMP checks of line employees to ensure compliance and implemented corrective actions with management and staff when required. She also conducted microtesting of developing and finished products to ensure they adhered to food safety standards.
Nadia continued to flourish in the industry, moving into new roles throughout her career, such as HACCP Coordinator and Food Safety Supervisor, before deciding to become an auditor. At the end of each audit, she encourages sites to complete the feedback surveys to help her improve as an auditor and improve the audit process. The feedback she has received has been positive, for example:

“Nadia was open minded and polite during questioning of staff and was observant during the entire site tour. A systematic and logical approach was taken to the site tour ensuring that site and specific production area break times were considered when planning the inspection to ensure all processes were observed. This included an early start on the second day to observe the cleaning validation process and approval to start-up.”

She was the recipient of the 2017 Approved Training Partner and Consultant of the year for BRC, and most recently the recipient of the 2018 Alumnus of Distinction Award at Centennial College.

“What I find the most rewarding in auditing is being able to objectively audit sites to a set standard and to see how the site embraces them.” Narine said, while adding how much she enjoys seeing how sites within the same industry embrace the standard and incorporate it as part of their food safety management system in their own unique way.

DQS would like to congratulation Nadia on her achievements and looks forward to continuing working on the mutual goal of food safety.

Source: DQS CFS website (https://dqs-cfs.com/2019/06/dqs-auditor-wins-brcgs-award-for-auditor-of-the-year/). For more information, please send email to info@dqs.com.my.