BI Technologies certified according to AS/EN9100

BI Technologies certified according to AS/EN9100

AS/EN 9100 is the quality management system (QMS) standard specific to the aerospace industry.  It is a supplement to the ISO 9001:2008 QMS standard – adding requirements that apply to the aerospace industry.
AS/EN 9100 registration is essential for aerospace supply chains.  It is designed to meet the complex and unique demands of the aerospace industry.  This certification gives customers the assurance of knowing a supplier has passed evaluations of its manufacturing process and has the capabilities to meet the industry’s high expectation.
The benefits of achieving AS/EN 9100 certification extend beyond manufacturing process the company follows.  Some added value includes:

  • A publicly demonstrated commitment to providing the highest level of quality in manufacturing and business practices.
  • It improves consideration for company as a supplier to the aerospace industry since AS/EN 9100 is the globally accepted standard.
  • It can have an umbrella effect – resulting in improved chances of gaining new business from other industries.
  • Reduces waste, inefficiencies and reject rates within the organization.
  • Facilitates ongoing improvement in business processes and ultimately, customer satisfaction.
  • Improves process consistency and stability.
  • Internal validation.

BI Technologies is a global manufacturer and marketer of passive, magnetics and microcircuit modules.  IMS business unit has gone thru the process of AS/EN9100 audit by DQS, and has successfully certified to this prestige standard. DQS being number 1 market leader in aerospace certification in Malaysia would like to congratulate the team for their achievement, and wishing them continuous success in their business. Syabas!

bi_techMr. Danny Ng (L) DQS Regional MD presenting the prestige AS/EN9100 certificate to En. Jamal (R) top management of BI Technologies.

bi_tech2A group photo session with IMS team