BCMS 25999:2007 – Business of every business is to remain in business.

BCMS 25999:2007 – Business of every business is to remain in business.

In today business environment, business continuity and disaster recovery is more demanding. We are facing with new treat and challenges continuously. Implementing Business Continuity Management in an organization is to isolate business from unexpected disruption and to protect business in all time if crisis.

Maxis Communication Berhad is one of the leading Telco company in Malaysia where it business & service areas of Maxis include: mobile voice, mobile data, wired and wireless broadband, and corporate leased lines catering to corporate and consumer clients within Malaysian operation using the technology of: 2G, 3G, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, TCP/IP and MPLS.

On other hand, The Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd is the eastern cluster of public healthcare institutions in Singapore. The institutions covered under the assessment were: National Heart Centre, National Cancer Centre, Singapore National Eye Centre, National Dental Centre, National Heart Centre, Changi General Hospital and Sing Health Head Quarters.

Under the comprehensive assessment conducted by DQS, this two prominent companies in South East Asia have demonstrated excellent BCMS deployment and implementation of their BCMS, which provides resilience and the capability for an effective response to incidents & disasters, and safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand, and value-creating activities. As a result of full compliance, a BCMS 25999:2007 certificates were awarded to them.

Today we can not merely think about the plannable or plan for unthinkable, but we must learn to think about the unplannable and we must begin to incorporate risk reduction strategies that include the ability to quickly and efficiently implement, as an example, investment strategies as an integral element of the business continuity practice.

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