The aerospace industry realized Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) segment were different than those of the OEM segment. Products are designed to perform for 50 years and beyond, so proper maintenance is crucial for safe operation. To address this need, IAQG developed AS/EN 9110, Quality Management Systems – Aerospace – Requirements for Maintenance Organizations.

AS/EN 9110 provides suppliers with a comprehensive quality system focused on areas directly impacting product safety and reliability, such as;
• Addresses civil aviation authorities and where in the standard that those requirements apply.
• Addresses definitions unique to MRO industry such as, Maintenance, Technical Data, Human Factors & Release Certificates.
• Includes expanded requirements for personnel conducting MRO task.
• Addresses the qualification of new maintenance processes.

Certification according to AS/EN 9110 is intended provide an additional layer of control, but not act as a replacement for regulatory oversight or customer monitoring.

DQS Malaysia being amarket leader in aerospace certification is proudly certified Sepang Aircraft Engineering Sdn Bhd an Airbus SAS subsidiary company and part of the EADS group according to AS/EN9110.

“We are extremely pleased with these achievements,” said Mr. Coma, VP Customer Support of Sepang Aircraft Engineering. “This certification show our commitment to building a strong foundation of systems and procedures that ensure quality service to our customers each and every day.”

sepangPhoto session after certificate ceremony (L to R) Mr. Danny Ng, Mr. Jean Luc Coma and Mr. Bobby Lee

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