Annual International Meeting

Annual International Meeting

International DQS offices met for their Annual Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany from February 26-28, 2007 to get first hand information about new procedures, requirements and guidelines as well as internal and external issues.

SONY DSCParticipants of the International Meeting 2007 in Frankfurt, Germany

One of the key subjects was how to optimize and continuously improve the cooperation in Key Customer and Marketing departments which was analyzed by the responsible parties from all offices. Workshops were used to work on specific tasks and the results were further deepened in another round of talks, helping participants to gain a better understanding of their needs and potentials.

The meeting was also used to update the participants on new and important DQS services that will further enhance international business opportunities, like the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) and Food Safety standards (ISO 22000 and International Food Standard).

After the conference participants used their time in Frankfurt to meet with product managers and other DQS experts to discuss current developments in their home markets and to get further support for their operations.