UPECA Group Certified to AS/EN9100

UPECA Group Certified to AS/EN9100


More than 60 percent of IAQG members have implemented the AS/EN9100 standard internally and are flowing it down to their suppliers. Most members will require suppliers to comply to the updated version of AS/EN9100.

Organizations within the industry differ in their compliance to AS/EN9100 verification requirements. Some use their own external auditors to verify suppliers’ quality management systems. Others share the results of their quality system audits with suppliers in the industry. Most provide suppliers with copies of external audits. Most permit suppliers to share the audit results with other customers, too.

Increasingly, the industry is using the results of third-party certification body as a means of demonstrating a quality management system’s compliance to AS/EN9100, this in another way reducing hassle of replicate auditing amongst IAQG member.

As AS/EN9100 becomes established within the industry, the standard’s benefits become apparent. Two obvious ones are a reduction in multiple expectations and a consistency in verification methodology. Both prime manufacturers and their suppliers are pleased with the results. Suppliers report a reduction in verification audits and an increased consistency in expectations. As a direct result, suppliers’ customers are seeing a reduction in oversight costs and an improvement in supplier performance.


UPECA Group is one of Malaysia ‘s leading manufacturer of Engineering Parts and Components for the Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Machinery and Equipment industries.  With its HQ in Selangor and manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia , China and Thailand , the UPECA group is well-positioned to be the strategic manufacturing partner to leading Multinational Companies.

Two of the UPECA Group of Companies, Upeca Engineering Sdn Bhd and Upeca Aerotech Sdn Bhd, have successfully achieved the prestigious EN/AS 9100 Quality Management Systems certification during the audit carried out by DQS GmbH..  The certification is a testament of UPECA Group’s ongoing commitment to quality, excellence, sustainability and reliability in the Aerospace industry.