MSPO LA Trainings



This MSPO Public Training course is designed for participants who wish to gain knowledge of MSPO requirements, National Standards on sustainability applicable to palm oil industry supply chain from plantation to oil mills and refineries. It focuses on the interpretation and implementation of MSPO requirements, legal and specific requirements in compliance with MSPO.

Who should attend?

  • Internal MSPO auditors, project managers or consultants wanting to understand MSPO requirements
  • Persons responsible for MSPO/QESH conformity in an organization
  • Members of an Sustainable/Regulatory/QESH team
  • Expert advisors in Sustainable or QESH Management Systems
  • Company staff wishing to gain in-depth knowledge of MSPO requirements
  • Other stakeholders, such as NGOs or government officials, wanting a rigorous introduction to the MSPO standards and systems.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding of MSPO, National standard on sustainability, legal and specific requirements in compliance with MSPO
  • To acquire the necessary knowledge of MSPO scheme
  • To understand the operation of an MSPO requirement
  • To improve the ability to analyze the internal and external environment, social and economic of an organization, and audit decision-making in the context of a responsibility
  • Overview of the environmental issues in plantations

Date & Venue

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